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Electromagnetic shielding glass

Name:Electromagnetic shielding glass


Electromagnetic shielding glass could be applied to all windows which need to match EMC requirements.

1Electromagnetic shielding glass categories

Electromagnetic shielding glass includes three main categories: coated shielding glass, metal mesh shielding glass, coated mesh shielding glass.

Coated shielding glass

Coated shielding glass also called ITO conductive glass.

Metal mesh shielding glass   

Metal mesh shielding glass is synthesized by two (or more) organic / inorganic glass and alloy shielding mesh at high temperature and pressure.

Coated mesh shielding glass

Coated mesh is a new style shielding material.

2、Product main parameters and performance

3、Electromagnetic shielding glass light-emitting materials and advantages/disadvantages

The transmittance of electromagnetic shielding glass is mainly determined by the original glass (glass, acrylic glass), optical glue, screen mesh number.

The higher the transmittance of electromagnetic shielding screen, the worse the shielding effectiveness; the other hand, the low transmittance, the higher the shielding effectiveness.

4、Electromagnetic shielding materials and advantages/disadvantages

Electromagnetic shielding glass shielding layer mainly includes a sandwich shielding layer and a peripheral shielding layer.

5、What’s the current new technology for electromagnetic shielding glass?

Electromagnetic shielding glass, screen foil wrap copper foil belongs to the new technology, it improved shielding effectiveness, and it’s easy for users to install and use.

About the shielding materials, the new shielding film has been widely used by customers.

6、Ultra-thin or thin electromagnetic shielding glass use cases and research status

According to users requirements of electromagnetic shielding glass installation structure and weight, the thinnest thickness can be 0.2mm for ultra-thin electromagnetic shielding glass.

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