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Electromagnetic shielding bag

Electromagnetic shielding bag (Standard)

 Electromagnetic shielding bag (Standard)

Shielded bags can minimize the interference of electromagnetic waves to prevent the leakage of electromagnetic signals.

Shielded bags have the following characteristics

1, could shield the electromagnetic wave signal.

2, response rapidly.

3, widely used.

4, simple operation.

5, secure and environmental protected, no harm to human body and the shielded objects.

6, beautiful appearance, multiple usage.


Put mobile phone, computer or other belongings which needs to be shielded into the shielding bag, and stick the bag mouth. When you don’t need the shielding, take out the mobile phone, computer and so on, then could be used normally.


1, Shielding bags should not be water washed.

2, When you are using mode that refusing calls, shielding bag must be mouth sticked.

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